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Heather H

Steph - we've been updated on this event since the beginning - Taylor is like a sister-school to the university where I work. This is such a difficult situation. Thanks for your post.

Miss hearing from you! Love you!

Joy Morykon

That is soo crazy! i've never heard of such a thing! How hard and wonderful for both families. That's just unreal! Miss your blogging steph!


I checked out the blog for Whitney/Laura and I can think to say is WOW! What faith the Van Ryn's possess. The tone of the blog has stayed the same even through such a terrible discovoery. I was so uplifted by the love they seem to have for Whitney's family. I can't these girls go to Taylor. My Dad graduated from there and my brother went there for two years.


PS, Steph-What kind of craftiness are you up to these days? I miss seeing your stuff! keep me posted. Love you!

Heather H

Steph - any new posts brewing in your head?? Miss hearing from you! HOpe you're well!

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