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Heather H

Steph - this is a beautiful post. Thanks for being transparent. You've done some serious introspective thinking and have discovered some nuggets about yourself that are invaluable for life. I'm glad you didn't blog (though I missed you) while you let yourself BE. This is a good lesson for us all... Thanks for sharing - and I'm glad you're back!!


I can truly say that I understand exactly what you mean. I feel like God has given me this season of my life to learn how to BE. How to BE content even when you dont FEEL content. How to BE with Him and with myself. I'm glad you are back to the blog world. I definitely missed your insight and funny posts, but I'm also glad that you were able to center yourself before you enter into this exciting new journey. Which I really wish I could there for-btw. :( Hopefully Alex and I will be able to visit in the Spring to see everyone and meet all the new member of our Lynchburg family.

Joy Morykon

Steph, welcome back.. you have been missed by all. Thanks for sharing your reasons for being gone and coming back.. hurray for you're being back.. now bring on some pictures of our sweet Sammi! and more when she comes too! we love you!


I'm also glad you are back, although I found you while you weren't blogging!

I'm so glad Sammi is coming home. Have a blessed trip!

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