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i'm so excited that you dress them alike. I just think that is so great. In chile they do that all the time. no matter how many years between siblings. Yay for Paige's pierced ears. It was so great to run into you at Walmart. Definitely a present from Jesus. Happy Easter!


YEAH!!! Pictures!!!! I was so excited to see these. The girls look so beautiful - and Sammi's hair - OH MY GOSH that girl has some locks. Paige is just so precious!!

Heather H

I'm so glad to see some pics - I was JUST thinking about you the other day, wondering how things were going and figuring you had your hands full!

Your daughters and JUST ADORABLE!!!! Seeing them together really makes Sammi looks so grown-up!


adorable babies!! both of them!!


ohhhh look at you all, way cute, the girls look just devine, sweet cute, and pretty.
enjoy, enjoy, but you must have your hands full.
bye for now


awwww...they look darling :)

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