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Beautiful pictures.

We have one of those water/sand tables as well. After the first few uses and having to spray down the kids with a garden hose, it is now either a SAND ONLY table or a WATER ONLY table!

Lou Anne Bennett

Steph and Mark: I got an update about the girls from your mom recently. The girls are just beautiful and I am so happy for you. I enjoy seeing your pictures of the girls.

Heather H

I love the pics! Straining to see, I think you might be wearing SHORTS in that picture that I can see of you through Paige's eye. SHORTS?!!! Why, oh why, did we have to move to Michigan? It will be another few months before I even think about shorts...

Wish I could play with ya'll in the back yard in the sunshine. Thanks for sharing hte pics, though!


It was so great catching up with you today and getting to meet your precious little one! Love the pictures of your girls, they are so beautiful Steph!

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