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I hope you have a great trip - I've very jealous. I would LOVE to be taking in some theatre!!!


love your new top and dress. They look amazing on you. I'm glad you went higher with your hem. You've got to show off those great legs of yours Steph no matter what town you live in! Love that you didn't do the buttons too. i HATE doing button holes! yuck. have fun in NYC have a bagel for me :) (i know - i try to stop thinking about food but i can't..)


love the top and the dress, the materials are fantastic! what pattern did you use? -kb

Hyena In Petticoats

Your clothes have come out so cute!

I caved in a bought a Built by Wendy today - I hope it works out....

I'm also going to get some cheap calico and some markers and go to town..... wish me luck!


Leah xxx

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