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Happy (belated) birthday Sammi! Love the kitchen!

April Tutich

Well, then let me be the first to document telling you that as they get older and can both talk that they say MAMA 90 thousand times a day and there are NO nano seconds of silence!!?? And then when they get even a little older than that they ask you for something 90 thousand times a second WHILE you are fixing it for them! And THEN they start telling you how to do it as you are doing it!! And this is only by ages 4 & 3!! (This is all toungue in cheek of course, but they REALLY are driving me nuts!!!) You think you need your quite time now!!! I want mine back!! Calgone take me away!!!!


hey girl! they're growing up fast, huh? she's soooo cute!

i have your tools and notebook (you left them in the classroom) i left them at my moms work at carter bates (CANDLERS STATION) under the register. would you mind picking them up and bringing my movie and leaving it there? i want to watch it with my coworker before i move (which is rapidly approaching)...

have a lovely summer!


Thank you so much for the book! My mom gave it to me last night. That was so sweet :) I have read "In the now" and immensely enjoyed it. I hope you liked the movie! Would you like to get together for lunch one day next week or the following week? We can meet up wherever and whenever, my job is flexible. I'd love to see you before I move. Your girls are so cute :)


Just wanted to stop in and say hello. Your daughter is precious!!!


I can't believe she is two already! Happy Birthday baby Sammi!

BTW, I tagged you over on my blog, so check it out!

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Your daughter is so adorable! Better soak it in before they get all teenager on you. Great pictures by the way.


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