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Oh my goodness - I didn't know you were even around anymore!! I actually almost removed your blog from my blog reader this week since I didn't think you were going to blog anymore.

I hope your family is doing well!!!


sweet video! And great thoughts on perspective. love that "we are an exhale of Cosmic Breath". so true. Look at me first comment on your post.. I always wonder what it's like to be the first one to comment. i'm always the last to know! darn. just when i think i'll get to SoulMama's in time i'm like # 64 or somethin.. lateish that's me. spent way more time on line today than i have in MONTHS.. catchin' up on Facebook and email orderin' prints... so fun. lovin' you!


um, k, just have to say.. i was totally here b4 kim....

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